What We Do

Benevera Health provides tools and resources to support the transition to value-based care, including locally-based care coordination and patient engagement, network and care delivery optimization, technology and analytics, consulting, and risk and insurance strategy.  

Whole Person, In Person Engagement

Benevera Health Care Teams address the Whole Person – a person’s medical, mental/behavioral, financial, housing, transportation, and spiritual needs – because good health is only possible when a person is financially, nutritionally, and housing-secure.  We don’t just manage diseases, we manage people and the health and social ecosystem in which they live.  We tackle the barriers to care that most care teams acknowledge but consider outside their footprint.

We do this by living in the communities we serve, working closely with local hospitals and doctors, coming up with creative care solutions, and earning our patients’ trust.  Our teams include nurses, pharmacists, social workers, community health workers, patient engagement specialists, and physicians who serve patients in the communities where they live. We meet patients face to face – in their homes, at their workplaces, at their doctor’s office, or wherever is most convenient.  Having a chronic disease or multiple needs is hard, but having someone you know and trust helping you along the way lightens the burden.  Understanding the community by being local and having face time with patients builds trust, and trust is the foundation of the change relationship.

Best In Class Technology and Analytics

Benevera has partnered with a premier Population Health analytics vendor to integrate claims, EMR/clinical, and publicly available data into a single source to provide a richer view of patients. Our analytics engine utilizes this integrated data set to risk stratify patients using a mix of predicted risk, event triggers, social needs and clinical conditions.

Through our technology, we identify and engage patients early, before their health is an issue. We also react quickly to planned and unplanned medical events they have such as – a visit to the ED, a hospital admission, a new diagnosis, a new medication. Our data and technology also support our Provider, Payer, and Population Analytics, which are used to inform provider care pathways, physician behavior, and payer benefit design strategies.