Care Giver Support and Whole Person Care


We met Rob and his wife, Judy, when our analytics identified Rob based on his history of hemorrhagic stroke, evidence of some complications, including missed appointments and increased visits to the emergency room. One of our nurses, Wendy, called to speak with Rob, but ended up speaking with Judy and learning more about the situation at home and how her husband’s condition was impacting her. After his stroke, Rob struggled with residual effects including lack of motivation that significantly impacted his Activities of Daily Living (ADL). Returning to independence and resuming ADL compliance is a common issue after a stroke, but Judy wasn’t adequately prepared. She was overwhelmed with her husband’s care and her full-time job with overtime hours, and as a result, she was neglecting her own health care needs.

Wendy began working with both Rob and Judy to help improve their situation. First, she helped Judy address some of the things that were adding to her anxiety, like helping them pay their medical bills. Wendy was able to connect with the hospital to establish a payment plan and worked with one of the Benevera Health social workers to connect Judy and Rob with community resources to help financially. Next, she helped Judy address her own health issues by establishing her with a PCP and having her high blood pressure and depression treated. Finally, Wendy worked with both Rob and Judy on improving Rob’s outlook and motivation that had deteriorated after his stroke. Since Wendy was local and lived in a neighboring community, she was able to help Rob find a volunteer initiative that got him outside of the house every day engaging with his neighbors and contributing to his community. The activity and engagement gave him a renewed sense of purpose, which in turn, led to improved self-care and overall health.

Since working with Wendy, both Rob and Judy have been compliant with medications, see their PCP regularly, and have not needed to go to the Emergency Room.  Judy and Rob stay connected with Wendy and are incredibly grateful for the help she provided them.


Caregiver fatigue is something we see frequently at Benevera and research shows that the health care costs for caregivers are eight to 10 percent higher than for non-caregivers. This strain on the caregiver’s health is something we are addressing head-on at Benevera Health with new programs focused on supporting care givers and enrolling couples and families in our programs instead of just those with the highest needs.

Our unique approach with the focus on the whole person led us down a path that most programs wouldn’t have been able to support. Our multidisciplinary team including social work and community supports, local presence, connections to hospitals, and willingness to address non-clinical issues led to a positive outcome.